Things to Consider and Check Before Buying a Used iPhone in 2020

Buying a used iPhone is always a good option, especially if you are on a low budget or you want to save some cash for other pressing. But the big problem with used iPhones is the fact that most are faulty, some have cracked parts, and someone may steal others’ device. That’s what will lead us into today’s topic, which is things to consider and check before buying a used iPhone in 2020.

A closer look at the topic will tell you that there are two strong keywords in it. They are thing to consider and check before buying any used iPhone. I will start with things to consider, then I will call it a wrap with things to check when buying a used iPhone.

Things to Consider When Buying a Used iPhone:

Before you ever talk about a used iPhone, there are so many things to consider and put in place. There are factors that determine the model of iPhone to buy. They include the budget, the reason for buying the device, and the overall condition of the phone.


Things to consider and check before buying a used iPhone in 2020 2
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This plays a big role in determining the iPhone to buy. I know you don’t want to break the bank just to buy an iPhone to please your peers. You must set a good budget according to the device you need. You can check out UK used iPhone price in Nigeria here.

Purpose of Buying:

Does this device suit the purpose am buying it for? This is where the big question lies. Before determining the device to buy, read reviews on the device to determine if it meets the minimum criteria why you are buying the iPhone.


Does this device have the specifications I need? For a video editor, you need a device with big storage capacity so it can serve you better. Write the basic specifications you need down before checking out a used device.

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Things to check before buying a used iPhone:

 Before and after the iPhone dealership’s outlet, there are so many things you have to check if you don’t want to either buy a bad device or get in trouble with the cops. I will list them one after another.

Review the device’s full specifications online:

Things to check before buying a used iPhone
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This is very important, this will help you decide on the device to buy. There are so many mobile device review websites on the internet today, so searching for review is very easy.

To perform this operation, type in the name and model of the device, follow by “Review”. If you want to narrow down the review to your location or present country, you can add “in your country”. Remember to replace “your country” with your present country, e.g “iPhone 11 Pro Max review in  India”.

Compare prices of the device online:

This will give you a wonderful insight about the estimated cost of the device. Reviewing the price will keep you on the safer side so you don’t buy the device twice the price. If you are a Nigeria, you can compare the price of UK used Apple iPhone in Nigeria.

Check the device exterior:

This time around, you have hit the dealership and you are holding the device you are looking forward to purchase. Take an indepth look on the device. I always advise my clients to take the device outside for a clearer view because most shops are fitted with fancy that you can barely see with.
  check the exterior for scratches, chippings or dents. I strongly believe that for the fact you are buying a used device doesn’t mean you should buy a scrap.

Turn on the used iPhone and examine the screen as its booting:

Booting the device will help you know if the phone has any cracks on the screen or if the color is not bright. Don’t be in a haste to when you are performing the operation.

Check the used iPhone for water damage:

Any water damaged device won’t last at all. For the fact that most iPhone devices are water resistant does not mean that the device cannot be damage by water or any related fluid. Take a closer look at the screen and carry out a proper examination on the screen to know if there is any water damage anywhere.

Check the battery life of the used iPhone:

Check its battery life
Source: Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

iPhone users can check the battery life of their device by just going to the battery settings in the device. It’s a built-in feature which does not require any third party app to run. To check the battery life of the device, go “Settings”, navigate to “Battery “and click on it. You are there.
Don’t forget to check this because if you do, you won’t enjoy the device as you supposed to and also bear it in your mind that the cost of replacing an iPhone battery is very high.

Confirm that the device is not locked:

Buying a locked device can land you in prison. Make sure that someone did not lock the device with either iCloud lock or normal phone lock screen. So many people have landed in prison, worst still being killed for buying used devices that might have been stolen.
Most times, they may try to sell it out at a very cheap rate, don’t fall to that because most are always time bomb that’s ready to detonate.

Check all the ports:

All the ports on the device must be thoroughly checked to make sure they are in excellent condition.

Take some shot to find out the brightness and overall condition of the camera:

Things to Consider When Buying a Used iPhone
Source: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Its very important to take some shots with the device, you can just take some random shots to make sure it’s not blurry.

Confirm that the device is not stolen using the IMEI:

Copy the IMEI of the device and go to getorchard to check the status of the device. If lt’s stolen, you will get a message as soon as you load the IMEI.

Check the touch sensors and also check the responsiveness of the screen:

Take out time to check the responsiveness of the screen and the touch sensors.

Always buy from a trusted dealer:

The last but not the least, do not buy from street guys or some street urchins, their prices are always attractive but the penalty is very much huge.

Final words:

Do not be in a haste to buy a device and don’t be over excited because you might end up buying a bad product.

Featured Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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