Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android

Are you looking for best decoy apps for your Android or iPhone? In this post, we have listed top 10 secret decoy/lure apps for your privacy. Apple’s iPhone is a touch screen smartphone that integrates a computer, an iPod, a digital camera, and a phone into a single device. The iPhone uses this software, and the iPhone13 was released in 2022 with 1TB of storage and a 12-megapixel camera.

The iPhone gets its name because Apple can customize it to users’ preferences. Its screen and apps can be customized to individual tastes, just like iPod and Google that emphasizes the user’s personality. The iPhone is a multimedia smartphone that appeared a few years ago. Moreover, so many agencies provide iPhone App Development Services, and you can get your customized iPhone application from these agencies easily.

Top 10 List Of Secret Decoy Apps For Android And IPhone

Lure apps are designed to keep your privacy. For parents, this app is also helpful, and it can prevent porn, inflammation, and other delicate problems in your children. Unfortunately, children can also do the opposite of parents.

Also, if you want to protect yourself from cyberbullying, keep your files private so no one can access them. You can lock or hide messages and lock messages on your iPhone, so your personal information stays private.

Private photo vault

Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

The main feature of this app is to keep your photo private. People cannot view images inside without a password. You can choose two types of passwords: PIN and Pattern Key or Point Key. Someone who knows the key can open the app automatically.

Another feature is the deceptive tactics of unwanted people trying to break in. Furthermore, the app will also help you manage photos, videos, even the web browser. There is a function to browse the Internet privately and download the image directly to the application.

Download: ANDROID / iPhone

Keep safe

Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android Secret Photo Vault - Keepsafe

You can find Keep Safe on both the Google Play Store and the Apps Store. It proves that this app is one of the best chat apps for everyone. Of course, we think you’ll fall in love with everything inside. There are options for accessing files, such as entering a PIN, fingerprint, or military-grade encryption.

In addition to keeping your files safe and stored in the cloud as a backup, KeepSafe will also compress the file. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your final dose. Once you have synced this app, it will add the actual size to the cloud and other devices.

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Download: ANDROID / iPhone


Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android Locker

Another one of the top decoy apps for iPhone or Android is Locker. You can secure photographs, movies, notes, data, and programs with Locker. To protect your storage, you must first create a PIN. You have the option of adding an existing photo or video from your collection or taking and saving a new one. Some devices also allow you to conceal individual apps from the home screen so that no one else can view them.

Locker’s free version allows you to hide or secure only three programs, three photographs, and three videos. It also includes safe notes and file storage, and cloud storage.

Download: ANDROID / iPhone

Secret Calculator

Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android Secret Calculator

Secret Calculator is one of the best decoy apps for iPhone or Android smartphone. The secret Calculator software pretends to be a helpful calculator. Your private albums and files are hidden behind. Each time you want to open the app, you must first generate a passcode and enter it according to the percentage symbol. YOu can also use touch ID to log in.

Although you can re-create your albums, the app provides predefined photo albums, and all photos can be edited by date. Choose an album, and add the images you want to safeguard. Wi-Fi allows you to import photos from your library, camera, clipboard, iTunes, and other devices.

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Download: ANDROID / iPhone

KYMS – Keep your media safe

Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android KYMS Keep your media safe

KYMS is an application to hide your photos and other media. Completely covered among other applications, it mimics a user-friendly calculator. Also, you can hide not only standard files in the gallery but also text and media files. KYMS encrypts AES, preventing files from falling into the wrong hands. Simultaneously, when you read these files on your own, they will be encrypted in real-time.

It is one of the top decoy apps for your Android or iPhone. You can also use it to download files through the built-in browser, allowing you to search and download in one app. You can also program customized touches and actions to close or open the app instantly.

Download: ANDROID / iPhone

Double App

Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android Double App

Only a few apps allow users to hide messages as well as files. In this case, you can use the DoubleApp application. It will help you prevent unauthorized people from accessing your messages. You may, of course, conceal images, movies, and other files on your smartphone.

Even if you have numerous accounts on the same device, the message encryption feature works. If you wish to keep your identity hidden, place a calculator icon on the DoubleApp cover. This way, no one will know you have this app loaded on your phone.

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Download: ANDROID / iPhone

Gallery lock

Top 10 Decoy Apps For IPhone And Android Gallery lock

This is another one of the best secret decoy apps to hide files and images on your Android or iPhone. The app comes with a user-friendly interface, and the gallery locker app is only available on Android devices.

The privacy control system of this application is excellent. If a user enters the wrong password three times, the system automatically takes default images.

Additionally, the software supports data storage for cloud applications like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Download: ANDROID / iPhone

FotoX – Hide photos and videos

FotoX - Hide photos and videos

Photo X is one of the highest quality photo and video hiding places. However, this app does not provide any unique features that can help you better, but the security measures they use are second to none.

People usually break app passwords inadvertently. With Photo X, the app will instantly lock if the password is entered incorrectly. Most of the features in this app are free, but if you want to enhance your security, you can purchase the paid version.

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Download: Android / iPhone

Hide my text

Hide my text

The best technique to generate hidden text is to have the same font color as the backdrop. Unless the user highlights the content, it is rendered invisible. Websites frequently use it to conceal looting from students who do not want to read the material.

Some people view relationships as “avoidance,” meaning they tend to protect their feelings from their partner. This behavior is first to avoid burdening the loved one with personal concerns. Secondly, it is to protect them from being at risk.

Download: Android / iPhone

Vault: Hide Pics App Lock

Vault: Hide Pics App Lock

Like most of the decoy apps for iPhone or Android discussed here, Vault won’t appear in your most recent apps list. It will blow your cover. You can also set up two locks (pattern followed by PIN). Vault has the option to isolate pictures, videos, texts, and telephone calls.

A private mode hides the app icon, a hidden app lock that hides apps in the Vault, and a tricky vault to trick passengers.

Download: ANDROID / iPhone


Why do you need Decoy apps on your Android and iPhone to set a password? The idea is that if your partner or friend knows the password, they could access images or personal messages by accident. You will be safe and able to hide your data when using Decoy apps. These Best Decoy apps keep your phone data private. Doing so, you can be sure strangers don’t access it.

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