An Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Wix in 2022

Getting started with Wix, you will need to sign up on first. You can either create an account with them or login using your Google or Facebook accounts. Let’s take a look at the remaining steps.

Getting Started with Wix


Choose The Type Of Website

After you have signed up for the Wix service, you will be prompted to choose the website type. Depending on your need, you can choose a blog, business website, an online store, or any one of the many options it provides.

ADI Or Wix Editor

Next, you will be asked if you need to use Artificial Design Intelligence or use the Wix Editor. If you choose ADI, you will be editing the website using the ADI Editor, a quick and easy tool to use but without many options.

With the Wix Editor, you get to choose from numerous templates, editing tools, and other features.  You are given full control over the design and features of the website, and you can use other apps to increase the functionality of this tool.

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If you choose ADI, you will be asked a series of questions about what you want to be displayed on the website, including your contact information, social media buttons, business logo, and other such features. It will also give you some design suggestions. Then, it creates your website’s homepage using your answers.

Once your homepage is created, it will bring you to the ADI Editor. Here, you can preview the homepage, change the design, and customize the colors, images, animations, fonts, and other features. You can also edit section contents, add new sections, new pages, and so on. All edits get automatically saved, so you are not at risk of losing anything.

Improving SEO Ranking

To improve your website’s SEO ranking, choose ‘Improve Search Engine Ranking’ and let ADI Editor guide you through the process. Here, the Editor will let you add keywords, the name of your business, location, and other such details. The SEO Wiz is another tool that provides you with a checklist to help you with SEO ranking. Alternatively, you can use e-commerce search engine like Expertrec to increase visibility and CTRs.

Adding Blog Posts

For blogs, choose ‘all posts’ and then ‘new post’ to add a new blog. In the blog editor, you can create articles and add titles, authors, images, and many more things. Then, you can publish that immediately or schedule a time.

Publish ADI Website

Once you are satisfied with the website, you can publish it. To do that, you need to click ‘publish.’ Then, you will be asked to choose between the free domain or signing up for a premium plan—reasons why it is one the best free alternative to Squarespace.

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Wix Editor


When getting started with Wix, Wix Editor lets you choose a template from the vast collection Wix provides. Then, you can customize the elements on the chosen templates, including specific icons and other features. You can choose features using the drag and drop tool.

You can also practice the Wix Editor to add new elements by choosing ‘add’ or change the background by clicking on  ‘background.’ To edit the mobile version of your blog, choose ‘mobile view’ and customize your website there.

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Adding New Pages

The ‘page menu’ lets you add new pages and organize the ones you already have. To add new pages, choose the ‘add page’ option at the bottom of the page menu. You can organize the order of the pages and even choose to set one of them as the homepage.


For more options, you can use the Wix Blog Apps or Wix ShoutOut to create and customize your websites and blogs; whatever, you like. So, why are you waiting for getting started with Wix. Happy journey!

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